Monday, September 27, 2010

GIFT KOOKIES - Write on Cookies with an edible ink marker

Each Kookie comes with an edible ink marker and a display package that is shaped like an envelope for repackaging and delivering the Kookie. This deliciously designed Kookie is sure to help commemorate anyone's birthday or any event! Make the occasion even more memorable by personalizing this Kookie with your own addition of love, humor and good wishes!

Once received, the Kookie can be displayed in the envelope by using the built in easel.

Kookie size is 4.75" wide x 6.75" tall (12.6 cm wide x 17.15 cm tall).

Code: WriteOnKookies_1   

Code: WriteOnKookies_2
Code: WriteOnKookies_3
Code: WriteOnKookies_4

Code: WriteOnKookies_5
Code: WriteOnKookies_6
Code: WriteOnKookies_7

Code: WriteOnKookies_8

Code: WriteOnKookies_9 
Code: WriteOnKookies_10

Code: WriteOnKookies_11
Code: WriteOnKookies_12

Code: WriteOnKookies_13
Code: WriteOnKookies_14

Code: WriteOnKookies_15

Code: WriteOnKookies_16

Code: WriteOnKookies_17
Code: WriteOnKookies_18

Code: WriteOnKookies_19

Code: WriteOnKookies_20
Code: WriteOnKookies_21

Code: WriteOnKookies_22
Code: WriteOnKookies_22

Code: WriteOnKookies_23

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