Monday, September 27, 2010


A novell way to announce the wonderful arrival. Intricately decorated with royal icing on a delicate buttery biscuit . Malaysia's most exquisitely decorated cookie favours. Perfect for Baby Shower and deliciously hand-made to perfection.

Blue Tees Kookies 01
Code: Baby_01
Price: RM 

Pink Tees Kookies 02
Code: Baby_02
Price: RM 

Blue Kookies 03
Code: Baby_03
Price: RM 

Green Kookies 04
Code: Baby_04
Price: RM 

Pink Kookies 05
Code: Baby_05
Price: RM 
Yellow Kookies 
Code: Baby_06
Price: RM

If You interested in buying these KOOKIES. do leave a comment on the comment box.

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